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APT College

1939 Palomar Oaks, Suite A
Carlsbad , CA 92011
United States
Phone: 800-431-8488
Fax: 888-431-8588
Founded: 1993
Accredited: January 2003
Accreditation Renewal: June 2022
Category: Degree Granting
Associate of Applied Science in Electric Power Systems, Associate of Applied Science in Renewable Energy, or Associate of Applied Science in Telecommunications Technology.

Academic Degrees FCC General Radiotelephone Fiber Optic Communication
Electric Power System Operations Generation and Transmission Operations Power Plants
Substations and Transmission Operations Power Distribution Systems System Protection and Metering
Industrial Safety and Grounding Energy Management Emergency and Normal Power Operations
Telecommunications for Electric Utilities Basic Electricity and Electronics Data Communications and Networks
Broadband Convergent Technologies (VoIP & IP-TV) Wireless Technologies Cisco Certified Network Associate (others)
Solar Photovoltaic Systems Wind Power Systems High Voltage Protection and Safety